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Gallery Shadows

Welcome to Anne Leonard Studios

Painting and Photography

Our Story

Studio Background

We love art. We create art through our paintings and curate the best artform all year round.

We see art everywhere, that is why we specialise in contemporary and classic painting as well as photography.

We also aim to offer almost all our original paintings in print form and other printed objects.

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Earth Projection

Our Mission

Brighter and Stronger Artists

At Anne Leonard Studios, our mission is to create and curate art for everyone.

 We love to see everyone come together and express their creative side.

We believe in finding inspiration all around us.

Long Brush Painter

What We Believe

Inspiration and Creativity

We all need space to express ourselves. Artists and collectors alike need an environment to dream, to grow.

At Anne Leonard Studios we understand this, which is why we aim to  inspire through our works.

Wall Sketching
Tablet Sketch

Art Classes coming soon

Beginners and Intermediate 

We will soon offer various classes in sketching, oil and acrylic painting that are available for all levels. 

Watch this space!

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Drawing / Freestyle Sketching Workshop

Coming Soon!

We all have a drawing ability within us and our Freestyle Sketching Workshop is just the ticket to take it to the next level. All of our classes will focus on the method, rather than the end result of art.

At our studio, we believe that each piece of art created is special.

Painting in Oils or Acrylic Workshop

Coming Soon!

Get involved in a fun and interactive Painting Workshop class! Almost everyone loves Painting Still Life or Landscapes and feel extremely accomplished after leaving this class. We will try to keep class sizes to a minimum in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. Our Landscape Paining Workshop class will also be a great way to meet people in the community.

Early Settlers
Gallery Shadows

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